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Norfolk International Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Coastal Ride, Yellow Cab of Norfolk, Black and White Cabs, and City Wide Cabs are just a few taxi services that provide transportation from Downtown to the Norfolk Airport.

A trip in a taxi to the airport should take between ten and twenty minutes on average. You should budget anywhere from $20 to $30 for a ride from Downtown.

The primary ridesharing companies that operate at and serve the airport are Lyft and Uber. The cost of the ride through ridesharing is determined by the type of ride and how far you travel. A passage from your location to the airport using the Lyft service may set you anywhere from $18 to $40.

An Uber ride from Downtown to Norfolk Airport ranges between $15 and $25. Be advised that the trip time could lengthen due to the traffic on the roads.

In addition, the fare for ridesharing services may increase significantly during peak commute times. Therefore, before you schedule the transport, you should check the fare.

Taxi Services at Norfolk Airport

You may catch a taxi outside the Arrivals Terminal building at the Ground Transportation Center. Getting into downtown Norfolk will cost you around $30 on average. The meter lists the standard rates and tariffs, such as the flag drop fee and the cost per mile.

Rideshares Services at Norfolk Airport

Passengers can be picked up from the Arrivals Terminal Transportation Center of Norfolk Airport by ridesharing services.

Passengers can make ridesharing reservations by downloading the company's app on their mobile device and then communicating directly with the driver of their ride. They also can make a ride request a few days before their flight to minimize any unnecessary hassle.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Norfolk Airport

There are a lot of hotels in the Norfolk area, and most of them offer shuttle services. However, some of them may require bookings in advance.

At the Transportation Center, located directly in front of the Arrivals Terminal building, shuttle services pick up and drop off passengers. To obtain any additional information, kindly contact the hotel's front desk.