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Norfolk International Airport Transfers

At the Ground Transportation Center of the Arrivals Terminal at Norfolk International Airport, passengers can access several proper modes of transportation, including shuttles, taxis, ridesharing, and rental cars.

Passengers can seek assistance with their mode of transportation by going to the Airport Information Desk, which is located for the riding public's convenience and direction. For their safety, passengers should conduct all business transactions exclusively at airport counters and other officially sanctioned locations.

Since there are no direct public transit options to Norfolk Airport, the most convenient way to get there from Downtown is to either drive to the airport or hire a taxi, ridesharing service, or other similar business.

Rental Car Services at Norfolk Airport

To make your trip more accessible and more convenient, Norfolk International Airport has several options for automobile rental. All the Car Rental counters at Norfolk International Airport are close to where the Baggage Claim is located, just below the main terminal lobby.

You can rent from several firms, such as Hertz, Avis, and Budget. The prices offered by these firms are very competitive, and they all have a wide selection of automobiles available.

They can also supply you with maps and directions, assisting you in navigating the city. Don't hesitate to contact the rental car provider about any items that may have been misplaced or discovered within the vehicle. Call the airport's Lost and Found department at +1 757-857-3823 if you left something on a shuttle bus that served a rental vehicle center.

Norfolk is a lovely city that offers a diverse range of attractions and activities. You may go at your leisure and see everything the area offers if you rent a car.

Visit our car rental section to determine which services best meet your needs.

Taxi Services at Norfolk Airport

The average time to go to the airport in a cab is between ten and twenty minutes. You should set aside anything from $20 to $30 in your budget for a ride from Downtown. You will find taxis waiting for you just outside the building that houses the Arrivals Terminal at the Ground Transportation Center.

Coastal Ride, Yellow Cab of Norfolk, Black and White Cabs, and City Wide Cabs are just a few taxi services that offer transportation from Downtown to the Norfolk Airport. Other taxi businesses that provide this service include City Wide Cabs. More information about taxis at Norfolk International Airport.

Train Services at Norfolk Airport

Even though there are no train stations at the airport, the Amtrak train station is located around 14 kilometers away in downtown Norfolk. Passengers can connect to taxis, ridesharing services, and rental cars at this location on their way to the airport.

The easiest way to get from Norfolk Airport to Amtrak Station is to take a taxi, which will pay you back approximately 30.00 dollars. Additional information about train services near Norfolk International Airport.

Bus Services at Norfolk Airport

There is no provision for bus service between the airport and the city of Norfolk. Even though bus routes 006, 008, 045, and 960 make stops very close to Norfolk Airport, the most time- and cost-efficient alternative for you would be to take a taxi or rent a car.

HRT Bus No. 15 will take you to the closest bus station, approximately 2.4 kilometers from the airport. You may get to the intersection of the Military Highway by taking the 165 bus. Alternatively, you can reach Norview Avenue by taking Bus Route 247.

However, to get to the airport from any of these locations, taking a cab would be the most efficient mode of transportation. Since Downtown is only a few miles from the airport, driving there may be the most convenient option. Further information about buses to and from Norfolk International Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Norfolk Airport

The region surrounding Norfolk is home to many hotels, the majority of which provide complimentary shuttle services. However, some of them may require reservations to be made in advance.

Passengers are picked up and dropped off by shuttle services at the Transportation Center, which is situated directly in front of the building that houses the Arrivals Terminal.

Please do not hesitate to contact the hotel's front desk or visit our hotel page if you require further information.

Rideshare Services at Norfolk Airport

Lyft and Uber are the most prominent ridesharing businesses operating at the airport and providing service there. When you take advantage of ridesharing, the price of your ride will depend on the kind of ride you take and the distance you travel. When you use the Lyft service to get from where you are to the airport, the fare could range anywhere from $18 to $40, depending on how far it is.

Between $15 and $25 is the estimated cost of an Uber ride from Downtown to Norfolk Airport. Be aware that the trip time can end up being longer than expected because of the traffic on the highways.

Parking Services at Norfolk Airport

The parking lots at Norfolk International Airport are designed to incorporate both safety and convenience. Over seven thousand automobiles can be parked in the airport's well-lit and spacious parking lots without worry.

Daily parking is offered in Garages B, C, and D, and the surface lot is located east of the garages. Parking is available on an hourly and daily basis in Garage A. All parking garages allow patrons to make reservations and pay for parking in advance. This facility also has parking spots that are accessible to people with disabilities.

These parking spaces are monitored by security personnel and are open around the clock. Both cash and credit cards can be used to make payments here.

Please visit our parking page for detailed information.