Norfolk Tourist Attractions

The world's largest and most comprehensive naval base may be found at Norfolk. Due to the abundance of historical structures and other attractions in the area, it is a well-liked vacation spot.

The headquarters and home port of the United States Navy's Fleet Forces Command are located at Naval Station Norfolk, a United States Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia.

On the portion of the peninsula in Hampton Roads known as Sewell's Point, the installation takes up approximately 4 miles of waterfront space and 11 kilometers of the area on piers and wharves.

Because the Norfolk Airport is located only a few minutes from the heart of downtown Norfolk, navigating the rest of the city is a breeze. There is an abundance of lodging establishments, dining establishments, retail establishments, and other types of businesses in the neighborhood.

Visit the USS Wisconsin, the Nauticus Maritime Museum, or one of the many parks and recreation sites if you are seeking things to do in the area. All these places provide a variety of activities.

Please visit for additional information about the different tourism opportunities available in the area.

Norfolk: Buffet Dinner Cruise

Take in the sights and sounds of the Elizabeth River while dining and drinking aboard a cruise. You can choose from the buffet and then enjoy your meal at a table lit by candlelight while listening to soothing background music and gazing at the vistas of ships in the Navy.

You will be led to your candlelight table as soon as you step aboard the vessel, where your memorable evening will begin. After placing your drink order, wander around the ship as the crew prepares to set sail on the Elizabeth River.

Your waiter will invite you to the attended Grande Dinner Buffet, which features cuisine that has been freshly prepared. Take as little or as much as you like. Savor your gourmet selections while listening to dinner music that is appropriately paced and taking in a never-ending vista of Norfolk's stunning skyline.

Take in the sights along the boat route while you unwind with coffee and a sweet treat. Listen to some relaxing background music as you eat; it will set the tone for the entire dining experience.

Stroll under the stars while taking your drinks on the topside and relaxing on the city's largest and most comprehensive outdoor patio deck. You must return to the port when your fantastic cruise is over.

Norfolk: Combo Attraction Pass & Discount Card

With the Passport to Fun, you can experience the finest Norfolk, Virginia, offers. You'll need these specially granted credentials to tour the Battleship Wisconsin in Norfolk, the world's largest and last remaining battleship.

At the Nauticus Museum, you may discover the force of the ocean while marveling at its history and marine science exhibits. Discover the rich history of the United States Navy in Coastal Virginia by visiting the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

Visit the Virginia Zoo to get up and personal with wild animals such as tigers, lions, and bears. Discover the diverse ecosystems that animals call home and gain insight into how they live in the wild.

Your outdoor journey will close at Norfolk Botanical Garden, which spans over 150 acres and features more than 20 distinct garden areas.

You can save a lot of money on port cruises, cuisine tours, shopping, attractions, and other things by taking advantage of such discounts.

Norfolk: Elizabeth River Sunday Buffet Brunch Cruise

As you take in breathtaking vistas of the Norfolk skyline and the surrounding area while indulging in a delicious brunch buffet on a cruise down the Elizabeth River, you can kick back and unwind in comfort. It's a beautiful way to spend a Sunday and simultaneously get a fresh viewpoint on the city.

Choose from the brunch buffet, which features freshly prepared breakfast and lunch items and dessert options, and enjoy an unlimited supply of mimosas. Take as much or as little as you like and relish your choices as the beautiful landscape of Norfolk passes by the window.

After breakfast, spend some time unwinding on one of the city's most beautiful outdoor patio decks. Enjoy a revitalizing stroll over the ship's decks while taking in the ship's onboard entertainment, which features a live DJ.

Norfolk: Best of Norfolk Guided E-Bike Tour

Ride an electric bike across Norfolk, Virginia, and experience the whole city. Along the Elizabeth River Trail, your knowledgeable guide will expertly navigate you through the city of Norfolk's waterfront parks and bike lanes as you make your way to the heart of the town. Thanks to this tour, you won't have to put in any effort to visit Norfolk's "must-see" attractions.

This electric bike tour lasts for a total of two and a half hours and is the ideal way to get up close to the intriguing history of Norfolk. You'll get to admire the city's most impressive works of architecture and take in the surroundings from vantage points that have been selected with great care. You will not only see some of Norfolk's most lovely historical sites but also hear the tales behind them.

You can securely navigate Norfolk's waterfront topography, downtown streets, and scenic neighborhoods with electric bikes. At the end of the tour, your knowledgeable local guide will provide advice from insiders to assist you in making the most of your time in Norfolk.

Norfolk: Electric Bike Rental

Electric bikes are available for rent at this centrally placed establishment in downtown Norfolk. Discover the city's past and culture at your leisure by taking a self-guided tour of the downtown area. Directions for the time are available here.

Choose between renting an electric bicycle for the whole day or three hours. Both options should be available to you. Get a helmet that fits properly, and get your well-maintained, high-quality bike out of the garage. Start your bike excursion after getting recommendations from the staff first.

On a bike, you can see more in a shorter amount of time. Take a stroll along the Elizabeth River Trail or admire the city's most impressive examples of architecture. Find your way to some more scenic districts and points of view.

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